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AMM Com (The Ultimate Solutions Partner) is equipped with the best and experienced team who have dealt with many data centers and server side solutions. Our Clients have never faced any sudden problems related to its data centers or server side solutions prescribed by us. All risks are priorly addressed before occurrence and mostly these are avoided or prevented timely. That is why, AMM Com (IT Solutions Partner) can be trust.

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AMM Com (IT Solutions Parnter) provides the following solutions and services for data centers and server side solutions

  • Data center planning and procurement services (on site).
  • (DRS) Disaster Recovery Site Planning and Deployment (on site).
  • Load balancing multiple mirrored Data Center and Servers (on site).
  • Fault Tolerance and High Availability of Server Side Services (Off-site/on-site).
  • Server Side Virtualization using Vitual Machines or Containers (e.g VMware, Citrix, Proxmox, KVM, LXC, Dockers, Kubernetes) (Off-site/on-site)
  • Server Side Operating System (Linux, Microsoft Windows Server)(Off-site/on-site)
  • System Administration (Off-site/on-site)
  • Data center Monitoring (Off-site/on-site)
  • Many More according to requirement

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